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Easy Toe Nail Designs Do it Yourself

Pedicures help to keep your feet becoming smooth and also relaxed, and can also make it easier to chill out after having a stress filled moment. They frequently end using a new coat of nail polish on toenails. If you need a nail art design to fill up your own pedicure or perhaps you want to paint your own toe nails, you will find basic patterns that you can try by yourself without needing to visit the beauty salon.

Super Easy Toe Nail Art Design Pink with silver flower

Very easy to do toe nail design with pink background, silver flower and stripes in black,white and silver. You will need:

  • Base coat
  • Pink polish
  • White striper
  • Black striper
  • Silver striper
  • Pink rhinestones
  • Dotting tool
  • Top coat

Step by step:

  1. After your base coat and pink polish dries, draw petals with black striper.
  2. Fill petals with silver color by using silver striper.
  3. Now draw half-circles with your stripers like these.Super easy toe nail art des 401x300 toe nail designs
  4. White to the two oposite corners…
  5. Black to all 3 free corners…
  6. Draw lines in the petals, too.
  7. Silver to the corner opposite to the flower.
  8. Add a pink rhinestone to the center of your flower, and some white dots.
  9. For the rest, it will just be 3 circled lines.
  10. Add top coat and you’re done.

For more details, you can watch this video below:

Tips & Warnings

  • Don’t try use more layers of color before the last layers are dried out. This can cause blotting and also smudged shine.
  • Otherwise, you are able to use these types of design to the French pedicure by painting the tips of the toenails white-colored and also painting the patterns on top of the tips of your nail..
  • If you’re unpleasant with painting details on the nails, consider utilizing nail decals that may be bought at the nearby retail store.
  • Toe nail polish must not be put on toe nails that have already a fungal infection.

Thank you for reading my article about Easy toe nail designs do it yourself.

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Easy Toe Nail Designs Do it Yourself

Cute Nail Art Designs, Easy and Simple Tutorial

Easy Toe Nail Designs Do it Yourself

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